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17-10-2011, 08:29
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As regular visitors to the Grove, in Huddersfield will know they often have some interesting beers, from unusual breweries on the bar there. But not only that, they are able to source some fairly unique beers from more common breweries too. That was the case on Sunday.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-J-dmaj_L_i8/TpvYbJ4DdbI/AAAAAAAAAJ8/8lVVQSKH5Jo/s200/Huddersfield%252CThe+Grove.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-J-dmaj_L_i8/TpvYbJ4DdbI/AAAAAAAAAJ8/8lVVQSKH5Jo/s1600/Huddersfield%252CThe+Grove.JPG)I was a little disappointed when I ordered a pint of a new Marble beer and it ran off in front of me. However its replacement soon cheered me up. The Grove had managed to secure one of only 3 barrels made of a collaboration between Marble and Fullers breweries. The beer was called 'Old Manchester Ale' and weighed in at a hefty 7.2%. One of the other barrels is at the 'Marble Arch' and the other went to a beer festival in Holland, so the chances of catching up with it were pretty limited to say the least.

The beer itself showed all the talent of the brewers from two excellent breweries. It was chestnut in colour, and tasted like it says on the clip, a rich, old ale, a style that seems to have gone out of favour recently. It was heavy, and rich, and warming, but despite the strength, not sweet, and very moreish, dangerously so. Well worth a call to check it out.

Also on the bar, was a dry hopped version of Thornbridge 'Kipling'. This again surprised me, but not in the way I expected. I really enjoy 'Kipling', with its masses of hop flavours from the use of New Zealand hops used, and I anticipated great things from the dry hopping. I was sadly disappointed. The dry hops used seemed to totally deaden the flavour of the original beer and what is usually a beer packed with taste had become very one dimensional sadly. But there again, you cannot win them all.


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