View Full Version : Hoppy's Announcement

24-01-2010, 18:38
Right.. I won't be returning to PG forum until Wednesday night at earliest. I will be going to London tomorrow then another day out in Midlands on Tuesday before cheering my local team on Tues night.

Probably quick pub crawl somewhere in Midlands on Thursday..

So I hope everyone enjoy in next few days! Take care yourself!


24-01-2010, 22:22
Whats the betting Hoppy gets lost on Spaghetti Junction and ends up in Manchester ? Gotta say I prefer it myself.Plenty of JDWs so he would have plenty to eat and drink. He should be safe enough, I doubt anyone in Manchester has heard of Tamworth let alone knows where it is. Bon Voyage Hoppy.

24-01-2010, 22:36
London. Be afraid, Be very afraid. :eek:

25-01-2010, 10:56
London. Be afraid, Be very afraid. :eek:
Fireproof your pubs and get the bouncers in ;)