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11-10-2011, 07:16
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One brewery that seems to have slipped through the net, when I have written about those that are not afraid to experiment or try something different, is the Yorkshire Dales brewery. They have been producing beers for 6 years now, from their 5 barrel plant in Askrigg in North Yorkshire. I will concede that their beers are not always easy to find but when I see them on a bar I always give them a try.

Their core range has beers to suit every taste, from a light easy drinking bitter ('Buckden Pike', which the brewery website describes as a blonde pilsner style ale, using Saaz hops), to smoked porter ('Garsdale Smokebox') via various other styles between. 'Buttertubs' is perhaps the most commonly seen and is a 3.7% golden beer with plenty of citrus flavours. This is also reflected in' Nappa Scar', which is stronger and brewed with three American hops. My favourite is 'Muker Silver', named in honour of the Muker Silver Band, and is brewed in the Helles style, to give a clean refreshing taste and plenty of taste.

In addition to their core range they produce plenty of specials and seasonals, and they are not afraid to try to make beers of all sorts. They do not always succeed but I cannot deny they are interesting. In the list of beers I have come across they have included Dunkels, Marzens, Rauchbiers, Porters, Stouts, Bocks and several single hopped beers. The only problem for the unwary drinker is that often the beer name gives little information as to what the beer in the glass will actually be, since they name many of their beers after features in the North Yorkshire landscape, so its a case of try it and see. I cannot say that I have enjoyed all their range but I do enjoy the variety they produce.

If you come across their distinctive pump clip on a bar, but are not sure whether to give it a go or not, try a half, it may lead to another, and another.....

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