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26-09-2011, 19:47
In the new wave of craft beer places opening up, eg Brewdogs bars, Port St Beer House, the Craft Beer Co, it seems the middle of the country is being left out. Is there anywhere in Birmingham you could expect to find a tasty pint of Brewdog or an American IPA on tap?

Bucking Fastard
30-09-2011, 15:25
If you want BrewDog in Brum ,The Wellington (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/37946/) does state on their website that they have bottles of Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink the Bismark which at 41% may not be what you are looking for:eek:
The website is also kept up to date with what ales are currently being offered,with a Twitter feed on new beers that have just come on.This may give you a steer if you are looking for an American IPA or Pale Ale.

Hope this helps,but I am not aware of any draft Brew Dog outlets in the Second City,nor any new craft beer pub openings.

15-12-2012, 18:28
After enjoying The Black Eagle - Salopian Old Twister and Timothy Taylor Landlord, Lord Clifden - HPA and Falstaff, The Victoria - Butty Bach, finished up at the new Brew Dog place on John Bright Street where I paid £4:40 for 2/3 of Jack Hammer.

Their description and true!

"A beer which made a brief guest appearance in our bars this summer. Jack Hammer is loaded with so much hops that this 7.2% IPA will literally destroy your mouth with it's 200 theoretical IBUs. The most bitter beer we have ever brewed."

This one is not for the feint hearted, elderly or French. If you like hops and bitterness then go ahead. But be warned!


Andy Ven
15-12-2012, 20:45
Brewdog Birmingham (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/78883/) only opened this week. I haven't made it there yet though. Are you going to add a review on PG?

16-12-2012, 11:53
The new Brewdog in Birmingham is in John Bright Street, up on the right if you enter the street with the casino on your left.

The place is soulless with no character whatsoever! It is just a square with a concrete bar, cheap black square tables and stools with a wooden floor encased in glass!

The beers are all pulled from identical looking taps. The range of beers they sell are advertised on high boards behind and above the bar. These boards inform you of the name, strength and price of the beers. Mostly they sell halves or 2/3rds. Prices range fom 3 to 5 pounds.

Most of the punters were gazing up at the board wondering what to choose! I chose Jack Hammer. It was like rocket fuel! The beers are to be sipped. They are too strong to swig. So if you want to get out in a hurry you will have to leave the beer!

Most of the punters were the younger crowd. I hope I am not doing them a disservice - but I doubt many of them knew what they were drinking and why!

The staff were young and pleasant enough without much knowledge of what they were selling.

I would not return to this box that is selling overpriced so called craft beers!