View Full Version : Most self-flagellatory brewery biography ever?

23-09-2011, 21:31
This might amuse? I came across a Norwegian bewery - Nogne - the other day for the first time and was curious about its history. Their website gave possibly the most detailed and honest description of any start-up you're ever likely to read! Visit http://www.nogne-o.com/the-story-behind-1.html if you have ten minutes or so to spare...

23-09-2011, 21:57
Nogne O keeps getting flagged up North Bar Leeds. I don't really go for advertising though. Especially when I know it'll be a tenner a pint.

It'll just have to stay one of life's mysteries with their pricing policy.

23-09-2011, 21:58
Note, I do not mid paying towards £6 for an imported pint of American IPA of 7% plus strength. But not for a beer whose provenence is unknown.