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21-08-2011, 10:11
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http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-mEjroOQrKJk/TlDHs40DFEI/AAAAAAAAAHs/uoOwjoEM-iU/s200/steel%2Bcity.jpg (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-mEjroOQrKJk/TlDHs40DFEI/AAAAAAAAAHs/uoOwjoEM-iU/s1600/steel%2Bcity.jpg)
Well I may have over exaggerated a bit. The lucky drinkers of Huddersfield, this weekend, will be able to sample not one, but two beers from the Steel City Brewery of Sheffield. Based at the Little Ale Cart Brewery in Sheffield, it is not unusual to find their beers in our town, they are sometimes lurking on the bar in the Star or the Sportsman, but this time they have reached the Grove and the Rat.

It is becoming fairly commonplace for some brewers to collaborate over brewing beers, there have been many examples at the Wetherspoons festivals for example. However the two beers that Steel City have in the town are both very different. One a collaboration with one of the best regarded breweries about at the moment, and the other with a couple of guys from Spain.

If you have never come across their beers before (shame on you !), you will soon understand their mantra 'We Know What Hops Are For'. Don't expect a wishy washy subtle brew. What you get is a massive hop hit from their blending of various varieties, usually American or New Zealand to give superbly interesting beers.

This time we have been treated to a 3.2% offering, I know its not their usual strength but hang on. They have brewed this for flavour, not strength. The beer contains Columbus, and Warrior hops in the early part of the brew and later they have added Sorachi Ace, Columbus, Simcoe, and Citra. If they can't get a bit of flavour from this lot then they aren't really trying. They call it 'Blanes Half IPA' and it should be available in the Rat, provided my namesake hasn't beaten me to it and had it all ! This is brewed in collaboration with the 'Marina Cervesa' brewers from the Catalan region of Spain.

When you have had your fill of this then why not trek up to the Grove and see what they can make of collaboration with Derbyshire brewers, Raw. The beer is 6.8% 'Raw Steel Ipa'.
This time a totally different hop range has been used in the beer with Nelson Sauvin, Apollo, Herkules and Pacific Gem included, and the beer promises a massive hop kick, with the strength to back it up. They say it is touch darker than their usual brews, more amberish than light.

There are only about 20 barrels of each brew around, so get them now before its too late. Or before little Tim, or big Tim, beats you to it !!

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