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17-08-2011, 06:56
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http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-YPAp6_VBMzU/TktlvsutfdI/AAAAAAAAAHU/h8mTf7JXZ-M/s200/Sheffield%252C%2BFat%2BCat.JPG (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-YPAp6_VBMzU/TktlvsutfdI/AAAAAAAAAHU/h8mTf7JXZ-M/s1600/Sheffield%252C%2BFat%2BCat.JPG)
One of Yorkshire's iconic and best known pubs reaches its 30th birthday this weekend and has a four day long beer festival to celebrate the fact. The 'Fat Cat' in Sheffield, sitting in the back streets in the Kelham Island quarter has always been one of the must visit pubs in the city, both for its range of beer, and its quirkiness.

The place is a little like a tardis. The bar itself is small, but offers around 8 beers sourced from far and wide, usually with one or more from its associated 'Kelham Island' brewery. It is often full, both of regulars and visitors, but there are plenty of other rooms to sit and while away your time and even a large room upstairs to cater for the overspill. It is one of those pubs that when you get inside time stands still and you become reluctant to leave and a quick pint becomes two, then three, then ....It is also well regarded for its reasonably priced, home cooked food, and its pies are excellent, almost worth the trip itself there without the great beer range.

It has been recently been overshadowed in the awards stakes by 'The Kelham Island Tavern', just around the corner, but the certificates on the bar wall bear testimony to the high regard in which the pub is held. If you have never visited Sheffield before and want one pub to call at, this would be my choice.

As I said earlier it has been serving the city's drinkers since 1981, and to celebrate the fact, they are opening the doors to a 4 day beer festival tomorrow. Thanks to 'The Bloke from Hull' we have been able to see a sneak preview of their beer list, and what an interesting selection they have provided. There are beers on an outside bar as well as in the pub itself, many are unusual or new breweries and some are one off festival specials for the event. So if your brewery list is lacking offerings from Landlord's Friend, Geeves, Black Paw, or Cleveland this is the place to put that right.

It looks the perfect place to settle down over the weekend and sample some decent beer. I will certainly add it to my list of places to go, why not try it too.

Ps sorry about the photo, the scaffolding has gone now, but cannot say the same about the punter near the door !!

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