View Full Version : Looking for lost relatiive and customer of Sandpiper, Thornton

15-08-2011, 17:21
Hello I am looking to find a long lost relative of mine, who used to be a customer I have been told of the Sabndpiper, Pub, at Thornton. I believe that she was well know whilst she lived over there. Her name Lorna MITCHELL, BELIEVED TO STILL BE LIVING SOMEWHERE NEAR TO NOW ,hAVE NEVER MET HER BUT now i AM ON MY OWN AND SEEING AS HOW i AM THE AREA NOW, i WOULD LIKE TO CONTACT HER. i DONT KNOW ANY MORE ABOUT HER. i THINK SHE Has been married moved away but came back again recently. Please help if you can Thank you. Franny

15-08-2011, 18:59
I doubt that asking here will bear any fruit. In the pub entry (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/20099/) you strangely say that you had a great night in the Sandpiper but then ask readers to ask the locals, which doesn't really add up. I think you are more likely to find what you want by asking around locally that trying national pub review websites.

Andy Ven
15-08-2011, 21:00
An advert in the local press or a search of social networking sites, such as Facebook, might be more fruitful. Good luck.

Galore Admin
16-08-2011, 10:03
Not really what this site is here for, Andy Ven's suggestions are very sensible.