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14-08-2011, 08:25
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Before I continue, I must stress this is not my personal experience, but that from an out of town 'ticker' who does not often come here, and was taken from the 'Scoopgen' messaging site so this information is already in the public domain.

In the world of the 'ticker' new beers are our priority and we often travel far and wide to find them, checking out pubs and festivals around the country in search of those elusive beers. Even so price is a consideration and no one wants to feel they have paid excessively for the privilege of having a new beer. I know of a Sheffield pub that did itself no favours by charging over the odds for beer at one of their festivals a couple of years ago.

The same seems to have happened sadly at the Food & Drink Festival on Friday. One of the 'tickers' who was tempted to buy 2 halves of an Elland beer, less than 5% gravity, at their festival stall was charged £2 each for the privilege. On being told the price, he declined the beer and went elsewhere.

Each bar at the festival was able to set its own prices for its products, and most of the beer I drank was in the £2.60 bracket, which I considered reasonable. I had had the beer in question previously and had no reason to try it again with so many others on offer, hence my having no personal knowledge of Elland's pricing policy on their bar.

Ironically, the drinker found the same beer in a nearby pub at £2.80 for a pint.

I am not saying that a brewery/bar should not set its own prices, but rather they should consider the damage they may do to their reputation if these prices are not competitive. I, personally, do not think they are doing themselves any favours. But there again, if they can charge that and people enjoy it and are willing to pay, who knows ? Only they, and time, will tell.

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