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11-08-2011, 19:30
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It's spot the mistakes time again.

This is Snake River's (http://www.snakeriverbrewing.com/beer/) description of their A.K. Session:

"AK Session is traditional English mild ale. Mild refers to its low hopping rate. Mild is an ale intended to be consumed in quantity, thus the name “session”. AK is thought to stand for “Ale Kyte”, Flemish for “small ale”. This is a tawny colored brew that was a favorite among the farmers and laborers of the West Midlands. The alcohol content is 3.9% abv. This beer is a collaboration between Chris Erickson and Cory Buenning."
It's particularly annoying because AK is one of my favourite obsessions. Once rubbish like this takes hold, it's impossible to stamp out.


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