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Al 10000
09-08-2011, 17:00
The Grey Parrot was an estate pub in the Hulme area of Manchester and the area it was in has now been demolished and the street patterns altered.

This pub was fairly close to St Wilfreds church which was on bedford street ,but i cannot find a post code for the pub or church.
Can anyone help in finding a postcode or even better the address of the Grey Parrot.

Thanks Alan

Al 10000
09-08-2011, 17:21
Thanks for the quick reply Roger
It would help if i could get a post code for that street i have tried post code finder and nothing comes up for that area of Manchester.

Cheers Alan

09-08-2011, 17:30
Sorry - I deleted my response as it was just repeating what you already knew - obviously I wasn't quick enough!

09-08-2011, 19:07

Comparing the attached old map (1930s) with a modern A-Z, it looks like some of Bedford St remains as St Wilfrid's St. The western end is under what is now Sorrel St/ Eliza St and where it ended at Moss Lane is buried under the realigned Chorlton Road. The eastern end at Great Jackson St is now part of the open space marked as Jenner Close on Google maps. Jackson Cresent has replaced part of City Road and part of Great Jackson Street. Unfortunately the old map doesn't show pubs :(

The middle of Bedford Street would have been about M15 5LR.

Al 10000
10-08-2011, 13:42
Thanks for that oldboots,

I will go with that postcode the Grey Parrot i am adding is the new one built in the 70s not the original one.

30-04-2012, 15:05
The post code of the AABEN Cinema which was next door to the pub off Jackson Crescent was M15 5AE. I guess the pub would have been almost the same. Here's an image - hope that helps.