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sheffield hatter
18-07-2011, 16:49
I've got my doubts about the entry for the Border Rievers Inn (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/51431/). The address is Wellbank Gattonside, but the latter is the name of the village, so Wellbank is actually a house name, not a street. Check it out on Royal Mail: all the addresses in TD6 9NH are house name and then village name.

The only references I can find to this pub are in other listings websites - on the Scotland Business (http://www.scotland-business.net/border-rievers-inn.html) site there's a telephone number 01896 823217 but this belongs to Chapters Bistro in Melrose (http://www.melrose.bordernet.co.uk/traders/chapters/); on letandsold.com (http://www.letandsold.com/scotland/Scottish_Borders/Galashiels/Properties_to_sell.asp) there's a different number, 01835 870310, but this belongs to the Cross Keys Inn at Lilliesleaf (http://www.locallife.co.uk/scottishborders/moreinfo.asp?site=SCOTTISHBORDERS&p3link=25955&dispmode=map).

Finally, the word for a person who stole cattle in the borders was "Reiver" (not riever), like in this pub's name (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/6019/). An unlikely spelling mistake to make in the Borders area, I would suggest, and more likely to have been made by a bored data entry worker. :)

In the absence of a photo or review, I think this entry should be deleted.

(There is another establishment in this village that at first glance appears to be a pub: The Hoebridge Inn. I haven't been there, but the website (http://www.thehoebridgeinn.com/html/where.html) describes it as a restaurant. Perhaps there was some confusion between the two at some time when these databases were being put together.)

Galore Admin
19-07-2011, 09:17
Hi sheffield hatter,

We have deleted that one as you say not worth it with no data. I wouldn't worry too much about the spellings (as evidentiary), there are quite a few odd ones leading me to believe some of the data may have been done over the phone at some point, everything else as you say though suggests that there isn't anything there now (goodness knows if there ever was).

Thanks for that.