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16-07-2011, 15:35
Not sure if this is the right place for this.

A town that is often overlooked with being so close to Leeds, and so downtrodden recently. However it has a few real gems.

You're best getting the train to Forster Square rather than the Interchange as that is closest to Sparrow Bier Cafe. For this place think Leeds North Bar with the wallet attack dialled down several notches. On my first visit here there was both Thornbrodge Jaipur and Kipling, which is enough to endear me to anywhere. It cheered me up after their rugby team hammered us anyway. On my second visit there was no Thornbridge, but Magic Rock were represented with their High Wire act. All three of those were on the mark.

A few minutes walk away - I'd give directions, but they'd be no use and you'll need a map anyway! - is the Corn Dolly. They have around 8 or 9 ales on all the time and the walk provides a lovely view of Bradford City's ground and the hills beyond. The Corn Dolly has a couple of real fires and locals who have been there for decades. I visited in mid-summer (well, mid-July, so Autumn was just beginning) so the fire wasn't needed that time but I imagine it'd be heavenly to stumble into there once temperatures start to tumble.

Back into town, I'd recommend a taxi towards the Fighting Cock. Several ales on, and one of the places for those of us who like a bit of sport with our good beer. Always showing the rugby league.

In the middle of town there is the Wetherspoons doing what they usually do.

You can then take the usual trip back into Leeds...;)

16-07-2011, 15:56
A town that is often overlooked with being so close to Leeds

It's one of those places I keep meaning to visit but never seem to get round to. There's probably at least 6-8 'must visit' venues in the town. Having said that, when I visited the town a year ago, for a job interview, I found both The Castle and Fighting Cock a little disappointing. Thought the beer in The Castle was too cold and the quality in The Fighting Cock very variable, probably as it was out of term time and the students weren't there to keep the pumps ticking over. Must have a day over there to do it justice though.