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28-06-2011, 06:57
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One of the most innovative of modern breweries is Thornbridge. They brew a range of beers that cover every style, and fortunately many of these appear on their dedicated pump at the Grove in Huddersfield so us locals don't have far to travel to sample them. However, in and amongst their regular beers we often get chance to try some of their one off specials, and that was what appeared on their pump yesterday.

'Alchemy XVI' is 4.1%, very light in colour and a perfect beer for a summer day, but that is not unusual for a beer brewed around this time year. What makes it unusual though are some of the ingredients used. It uses Maris Otter pale malt, and wheat malt as the base, along with wheat itself, and is hopped with Hallertau Northern Brewer hops for bitterness and Hallertau Hersbrucker for aroma, making a subtle thirst quenching beer. In addition there are pink peppercorns added to give it an interesting twist, that complements, rather than overpowers the taste.

I must admit that I have never knowingly drunk a beer with pink peppercorns before, and reading the pub clip made me a little dubious but I must admit the combination does work. If you want something a bit different, hunt it out a give it a try. Its another winner from an excellent brewery.

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