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12-06-2011, 09:59
Decided to use the Pubs Galore site in the way I think it must have been intended, and picked St Austell as the place we were going to do a crawl. We usually only visit pubs in the Good Beer Guide, and found St Austell only had 1 such pub, the JDW Rann Wartha. Pubs Galore listed 10 pubs in the town so we decided to try them all.

St Austell seemed a strange layout, and we acquired a street plan and marked the 10 pubs, noted which ones needed photos as we intended to do reviews of all, and set off. A brief run list of them here, and I will get the site updated today with photos and reviews.

1. White Hart Hotel – St Austell House with Tribute & Proper Job on.
2. Seven Stars – St Austell pub with no real ale available.
3. Stag Inn – closed – said to open later today.
4. Rann Wartha – JDW with usual plus Bays, Tintagel and Titanic.
5. Hop & Vine – St Austell house with Tribute and Tinners available.
6. Queens Head – closed said to open 3pm.
7. Station – closed and shuttered up. Doesn’t look as though it was trading.
8. Duke of Cornwall – St Austell house with Tinners, Tribute and Black Prince.
9. Carlyon Arms – St Austell house with Tribute & Tinners. Unable to have Trelawney as they were unable to sell until Monday.
10. Queens Head – one real ale, Butcombe Bitter.
11. Stag Inn – 1 real ale, Skinners Betty Stogs.
12. Western – St Austell House with Tinners, Tribute and Dartmoor.
The beer was all ok, just got fed up with so much Tribute and none of my favourite HSD available.

12-06-2011, 14:07
Glad I was not the only one to find St Austell an odd layout, I think the road layout may have changed since the town was first started, I know I nearly got run over near the Hop & Vine with traffic coming from not where expected

Old Blue
12-06-2011, 15:39
The beer was all ok, just got fed up with so much Tribute and none of my favourite HSD available.

Good grief Gill, you did every pub in St. Austell and couldn't find a single HSD in any of them? What with you making such a sterling effort to promote their town they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.


13-06-2011, 12:29
When I started the "What - no HSD" I only got one comment that it had just finished.

I left a card at the GBG pub in Wendron, and think a local must have picked it up as a new PG member came on with positive comment about the pub the day after we were there. Good to see Conrad's cards don't end up in the bin.

13-06-2011, 13:03
The beer was all ok, just got fed up with so much Tribute and none of my favourite HSD available.

We'll be heading down to Cornwall again at the beginning of August, so I'm sure I'll be drinking plenty of St Austell beer. Have to say my favourite two are Proper Job and Black Prince - which I think is a fabulous mild. Must give HSD another go, if I can find it. I only tried it once, but it was served so cold it was really off-putting.

13-06-2011, 13:24
Hate beer so cold you need gloves to hold the glass. We are here a few more weeks so expect to find my HSD somewhere. We enjoyed the Proper Job and Black Prince. The darker beer is hard to find down here at times.