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20-05-2011, 22:09
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Saturday June 25th sees a new phenomena in the beer world roll into York. Rest easy there trooper, it's not a continuation of York's historic battle ridden past, it's the beer equivalent! Except this time round it will be a much more benevolent affair, a jovial afternoon with a bar full of ours & the legendary Marble beers from Manchester.

With at least seven beers from each brewery individually paired off in competition & it will be your job to choose the winners in the face a off. On the day I can tell you the beers from us will be:-

SWB: Zenith, Gambit, Odyssey, Polestar, Rouge-Hop, Barista, Diablo & our new West Coast IPA '7 C's'.

Thus far the Marble beers confirmed will be:-

Marble: Pint, Manchester Bitter, Best, Lagonda, Chocolate, Utility 3 & possibly the Marble & Fullers John collaboration ESB.

There may also be a few other little goodies but you'll have to come & see us to find out!

We will be there on the day from noon & will be joined by Colin & from Marble, so come & enjoy a day in our company, we look forward to seeing you there.

You really don't want to miss this day, it is sure to be a cracker especially if the weather plays ball, a summer afternoon in the historic city of York with some of the North's finest beers, what more could you ask for...?

See the The Slip Inn events (http://www.theslipinnyork.co.uk/) page for more info.


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