View Full Version : Follow Tilly-Miss through her daily blog.

02-01-2010, 22:00
Some might be interested to read the antics of tilly-miss on a daily basis,this keeps me busy most of the time, enjoy.


04-01-2010, 22:08
Being honest golf passes me by (although provides some entertainment, thank you Mr. Woods). All I know has been picked up from work I have done peripherally on a couple of golf system IT projects.

Anyway, whilst not knowing a lot about the subject matter (still at least it isn't cricket), I have to say well done on keeping such a strong blog, every time I try and stay on top of these sort of things I get distracted after a week or two (lets not mention my blog or our twitter feed).

Do feel free to promote your business in your signature, when members are contributing to the community we have no problem with them promoting themselves modestly through the forum.

05-01-2010, 10:32
Conrad thank you for your kind comments,it is not an easy task,but something i enjoy which hopefully others will,i am very pleased with the following that has built up and it would be a shame to stop it all now.Our vending machine is capturing the imagination of many,today enquiries come again from Canada,Australia,South Africa,all looking to purchase,so busy times ahead it seems.Garage Forecourts looking to site machines at numerous venues in uk,but my main target market is the pub and hotel trade,hopefully i will get there one day.