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19-05-2011, 10:18
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As has been known in the brewing world for some time, Carlsberg are closing their Tetleys plant in Leeds. It seems the doors will finally close in June this year.

Some of us remember Tetleys as a fine beer, others as a mere shadow of its former self. If you knew where to look I found their beer excellent, the problem was knowing where to look. Their dark mild stood comparison with any other of its type, but was not easy to track down; their bitter was variable, in a good pub with a quick turnover it was good, in others pubs the quality could be questionable.

However, if you want to say goodbye to Tetleys in your own way, then Leeds Brewery are having a week long pub crawl around Leeds pubs that used to be favourites haunts for the beer, and which will entitle you to a free T Shirt with a stamped card, or they are having a three day event, at the Midnight Bell in Leeds from Friday 10th June showcasing beers from the old brewery and specials brewed by Leeds Brewery for the occasion. For full details check out the Leeds Brewery website.

So there it is. The end of many years of brewing heritage. Even though I rarely drink Tetleys, and when I did I had no idea I had done (ask Sam she will explain !!) I have a sadness about the loss of a famous brewery. I will be making a trip across to Leeds to raise a glass to them to mark the end of an era, hope many others do too.

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