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17-05-2011, 14:30
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I know it's a question you've all asked yourself - out of 3 local breweries, which of their beers goes best with a strong Welsh Cheese and a stinking Stilton? There's only one way to truly find out - 6 beers, 3 breweries, 3 brewers, 2 cheeses. Voting done from the crowd, brewers not knowing which beers their competitors are using (already 1 surprising entry!) and as a final challenge, which of the bottled beers currently available in the Kilverts' fridge and cellar goes best with a cheeseboard.

http://www.fdin.org.uk/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/Screen-shot-2011-01-26-at-21.04.18-239x300.png (http://www.fdin.org.uk/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/Screen-shot-2011-01-26-at-21.04.18-239x300.png)
The brewers in question:

Nick Otley, Otley Brewery
Buster Grant - Breconshire Brewery
'Tucker' - Wye Valley Brewery

Wednesday 1st June, 9pm, £6 a ticket includes cheese & beers
at Kilverts, Hay on Wye (www.kilverts.co.uk)

Full details will be launched next week when tickets will be £8 each - this is a special offer for readers of this blog. Contact me through ed AT kilverts DOT co DOT uk to take advantage of this offer this week.https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/tracker/5810592934633194812-5693316251169587572?l=studentbrewer.blogspot.com

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