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16-05-2011, 18:46
Location name change in Bradford, West Yorkshire

I note that on the Bradford, West Yorkshire page a number of pubs have been group under the 'Moor Side' locality heading. While this is not actually wrong this locality name only appears (in small print) on my A-Z street map, and not on Geographers street map or any online map I found. Secondly and possibly confusingly there is another Moor Side by Low Moor in south Bradford.

I would have called this area Undercliffe as this name covers a greater area and is much more likely to appear on a street map and in large letters. The council ward name for this locality is 'Bolton and Undercliffe'. Undercliffe was a village that dated back to Saxon times and rather oddly it is no longer "under a cliff" but has moved uphill towards and into the Eccleshill area.

Many local organisations centred around the two main cross roads in Undercliffe have adopted the Undercliffe name, e.g. Undercliffe Cricket Club, Undercliffe Food & Wine, Undercliffe Taxis, Undercliffe Autos, Undercliffe Post Office (closed), Undercliffe Fisheries, Undercliffe Cemetery and Undercliffe Middle School (demolished). On the other hand there is only really Moorside Builders and that may be more to do with the Moorside Road to the east.

On Bradford Council's online licensing database these pubs self declare as Undercliffe, i.e. 'Green Man Inn', 'Malt Kiln Inn' and 'Hare and Hounds' (these names may be a bit out-of-date). 'The Robin Hood' however says it's in Eccleshill and while this may be technically correct I consider that it is unhelpful if not misleading and is better thought of as being in Undercliffe.

Can we change Moor Side to Undercliffe?


17-05-2011, 10:31
Hi Nosher,

Any changes that need to be made to the areas can be made by you. An explanation is provided in the first post of this thread (http://forums.pubsgalore.co.uk/showthread.php?6110-Completed-site-release).

Myself and Dave don't have time to analyse the areas and so we have left it to members to just correct it themselves.