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16-05-2011, 14:41
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Once again it is that time of year when I need to fill my form in for the Great British Beer Festival. It's the last ever one at Earls Court if the current plans to demolish it go ahead and for those that dislike its permanent non natural light, that will be a relief, though of course it does make the future of this great festival that bit more uncertain. Next year, when the Olympics are on, we'll be back at our former home in Olympia, which has undergone massive refurbishment and has the advantage of oodles of natural light. We are assured there will be enough room and even the heaviest of thunderstorms will not be able to find their way in and flood the place. Personally I'm quite happy with this, though it means having to leave earlier to get the last tube back to the East End.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-blRKh1F861o/TdE1xLRu4_I/AAAAAAAAC2g/Zk-U79Njy7Q/s200/BSF-logo-w120-h185.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-blRKh1F861o/TdE1xLRu4_I/AAAAAAAAC2g/Zk-U79Njy7Q/s1600/BSF-logo-w120-h185.jpg)I've already mentioned (http://tandlemanbeerblog.blogspot.com/2011/05/come-and-join-us.html) one or two things here, but you will probably be interested to know that BSF (Foreign Beer) will be split this year into different bars. The USA and Rest of the World will be near the main entrance, while German and Czech, where I will be, will be at the back. Belgian is somewhere else too, so you'll all have to do some careful planning. I'm told too that there will be a fourth BSF Bar, but I have no idea yet what that will be.

We must have been really naughty to have been broken up like that.

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