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23-12-2009, 13:58
I finally made it to the site after days of trying, for some reason there has been technical issues with the Pub Forum, but sorted by the looks of things.
Just wanted to come in and say hello and merry xmas to you all,i wish you all happiness and hope that santa manages to squeeze down the chimney with a sack of goodies that you all deserve.
A lovely forum with a great audience of good drinking people from all round the country,my favourite tipple is a dam good pint of mild,followed by a decent pint of Fosters,trying to get a mild beer in the south of the country is getting harder than you can imagine so i often head around the country staying in B&B just so i can sit and enjoy a good pint of mild from the variety of great pubs.
Hope to post more in the future,until then have a great xmas,stay safe and calm and enjoy.

Soup Dragon
23-12-2009, 14:10
Hi TM, nice to have you on board - you mention the magic word for me, MILD:notworthy: and Fosters for Hoppy!!!!!

have a good Xmas yourself :cheers:

23-12-2009, 14:16
Hi Tilly-Miss,

Welcome to PG, and apologies for the joining issues, purely my fault and I am feeling suitably contrite. On which note I am half the admin team (as you may have spotted on the forum :) ) so if you get any more problems feel free to tell me, or if you can see any improvements to the site I would love to hear them.

Have a great X-Mas and enjoy your stay

23-12-2009, 14:34
Fosters for Hoppy!!!!!

Heyyyy Iam watching you very carefully.. I do mean Very CAREFULLY :P

Oh by the way Welcome to Forum TM! Take no notice of Soupy (Nickname for Soup "Iam serious twig lover" Dragon"


23-12-2009, 16:36
Watching me very carefully twice? the mind boggles what you have in mind? thank you all for your welcome.

23-12-2009, 17:42
I was refering to Soup dragon not you! You can relax.. :cheers:

23-12-2009, 20:38
Phew can relax easy at last.

23-12-2009, 20:41

Not at all..

Me and Soupy have sort of banter going on. Nothing to worry about fella or madam should I say.. :confused:

24-12-2009, 12:18
Hi Tilly Miss, welcome to PG, don't know your location but you mentioned south so just hope you can help to re balance the North / South divide and mitigate all this Brummy talk on here

BTW, I looked at your golf machine site, spotted a typo you may want to do something about

You have "Copytights 2009" Mis keyed the R by looks of it

24-12-2009, 12:51
Hi Farway
Thank you for your welcome and comments, regarding Copyright 2009 "Copytights" is the company that built our golf site, and nothing to do with tilly-miss, just thought i would clear that matter up, "Tilly-Miss" is in the process of being "Trade-Marked" in 3 classes
of goods :Vending Machines,Golf-Balls,Merchandise to protect our brand in the future,very expensive,but hopefully worth while.

24-12-2009, 13:12
Welcome Tilly-Miss. There is a fare bit of good natured micky taking on this forum so no need to take offence at anything. Admin catch more than their fair share but they put up with it.Any fresh input is welcome. I had better get back to watching the three grankids. Can't see me making the pub today:(

24-12-2009, 13:27
Thank you,no problem it is nice to be here with the true drinkers of the world, my grandchildren are arriving around 5pm so i might just manage a couple before,otherwise i will have to wait until tomorrow when we are actually having dinner at my friends pub,which i am really looking forward to,never done xmas day in a pub before so bring it on.