View Full Version : Maidenhead - this Saturday (30 April).

26-04-2011, 13:02
If anyone is sick of Royal Weddings and needs a beer remedy this Saturday, I will be doing the rounds in Maidenhead, Royal Berkshire with Quinno and whoever else I can pressgang. It's only half hour or so from Paddington and there are plenty of centrally located pubs. Reviews are a bit thin on the ground so hopefully we can fill in a few gaps and update what is there in a bit more detail. The catch is that Dartford FC are in town for the last league game of the season so there will be a 90 minute interuption to the drinking during the afternoon (for me at least).

26-04-2011, 14:00
Thanks Roger, but as I work very close to Maidenhead forgive me for not getting too excited at an invitation to spend a Saturday in the good pub desert that is Maidenhead Town centre.
A couple of passable suggestions are the Rose and the Bell (which is the closest one to the footy ground) and the Greyhound is a standard fit Spoons...

And don't forget Bourne End is only a short trip up the branch line from Maidenhead station for a visit to The Firefly.

26-04-2011, 15:32
Well that should scare most people off! From my research I think I'll certainly find enough in town not to need the Firefly's services!