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21-12-2009, 17:51

I enjoyed some new drinking experiences recently. We finally got around to doing a child free cruise aboard a P&O ship called Arcadia. I expected the beer to be all keg and ridiculously expensive, but no it was quite reasonably priced, 2.60 for a pint of Boddingtons and available in three af the bars including The Rising Sun which was a bit like being in a traditional London Pub. The Crows Nest was like a large lounge at the Bow of the ship (bit like 10 forward on Enterprise -G), and they served: Old Speckled Hen, Marstons Pedigree and Greene King IPA. All at around 2.60 a 500ml bottle, and it was waitress service, (unless you wanted to sit at the bar). I think the job description for the waitresses must have included: must be Indian, Tiny, Beautiful and Bright.
I thought I would miss the Camerons Strongarm at the Filo, but now we're back its the Speckled Hen and the waitresses I miss. :D


21-12-2009, 20:52
Hi Filo,

I was wondering where we lost you to, good to hear you have been having fun.

28-12-2009, 11:38
Hi Conrad,

Yes thanks, the holiday was certainly fun. Unfortunatley when I got back I had a few days at work then caught Swine Flu, which laid me out due to long term chest problems resulting in a nasty Chest infection. Still thanks to the Tamiflu tablets the Antibiotics, and the Oinkment from the Doctors, I'm nearly back to being in full health.

I like the new forum layout by the way. Looks very professional and easy on the eye.

Filo. :)

28-12-2009, 18:30
Yuck, I think you are the first person I know has had to take the Tamiflu for the flu. Have had a friend laid up with it, don't know if he finally did the sensible thing and got the Tamiflu, but it was fairly gruesome stuff. Glad to hear you are most of the way back though.

New forum is me upgrading the software from version 3.8 to 4.0, it is quite impressive and pretty, but we are finding a few wrinkles still needing ironing out. I do think as you say though it looks a little more professional, and I am finding it easier on the eyes, despite the smaller size.

30-12-2009, 12:31
I havent felt that ill since I had Asian Flu, I think it was when I was 18 over Christmas. I was in bed for over a week. I couldnt get out without some help. At least this time I was only in bed for one day and then propped up in front of the Telly for the rest of the week.