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19-04-2011, 08:01
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Is there anywhere which isn’t having a beer festival in the next two weeks?! (Just look at this list on Ale Talk (http://www.aletalk.co.uk/events/index.php)) Our livers are likely to be pickled come the end of the British bank holiday bonanza that’s between Easter and May...

My favourite beer festival (outside of GBBF, obviously) is Planet Thanet (http://www.easterbeerfestival.org.uk/) and that always starts on Good Friday. It’s got that great mix of good venue and atmosphere and an excellent selection of beers, including stuff from most Kent breweries. It’s an unmissable festival, I think, and a direct train from London will get you to the seaside in two hours.

Some others which have caught my eye are: The White Horse (http://www.whitehorsesw6.com/news-events.php), Parsons Green, are holding an Over the Hop festival (a festival of IPAs and hoppy beers!); the Thatchers Arms (http://thatchersbeerblog.wordpress.com/beer-festivals/aprilmay-2011/) are holding a 12-day-long festival with a London focus; Egham Beer Festival (http://www.eghambeerfestival.co.uk/spring-2011-2) has a good list – it’s also where I went to university and they only started the festivals after I left; a little further around the M25 is the Reading Beer Festival (http://www.readingbeerfestival.org.uk/) which always looks great. And these are just the ones that aren’t miles away from me; there are so many others, some in pubs, some big CAMRA fests.

What beer festivals have you got pencilled in for the next few weeks?

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