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17-04-2011, 21:53
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Not been on the beer blogs for a while. When one is tired of beer blogging is one tired of life? But it wasn’t boredom so much as being very busy. Busy to the point of spending my days doing the job I’m paid to do rather than pissing about on the Internet. Busy going for a few job interviews. Busy hawking my dubious talents in the UK & abroad. Busy doing jobs around the house the squeeze wants doing because she seems a little more bothered about such things as peeling wallpaper than I am. Oh and I got a Nintendo 3DS which in the great league of things I currently confess to liking more than I like cheap lager. For the first day I got it I even preferred it to sex, but there is only so much Ridge Racer 3D you can play before you realise you can progress through the levels far quicker playing with the squeeze than you can playing video games.

There isn’t any NDS files to download for this toy yet so the games I’m playing are all legit. If any other cheap lager enthusiasts follow things Nintendo, feel free to keep me informed when compatible flashcards like R4 are released.

That’s not to say I haven’t been keeping an eye on the cheap lager. Sainsbury’s had a decent offer on Beck’s at £6.99 for a box of 15 but with Easter on it’s way I’m rubbing my hands at the 3 for £20 offers I’m hoping Tesco bring out. What better way to celebrate an important date in the calendar of our Lord and saviour than to mark both Easter and the Royal wedding with a river of cheap lager?

Whilst we await these bank holidays and hope for good weather so we can sit in the garden with an ice cold can of lout and not be at work I came to realise what a lucky man I am. I really do believe I have finally trained up the squeeze in the art of cheap lager. Whilst doing the shop I purchased some microwaveable pies that offered the promise of a free beer. I put the code off the sticker into the website and awaited my token. Whilst I was away the first of these arrived and the good lady used it in my absence to buy me some cheap lager. Seeing a 3 bottles for £4 offer and being keen to use all of the £2 voucher she bought me 3 bottles of Bitburger for all of £2. She is both a creature of outstanding beauty and intelligence. Doubling up on the offers is a trick I have been slowly brainwashing her into. Got a fiver token at a supermarket? Be in no hurry. Wait for a super cheap lager offer and wallop another fiver off it! Double bubble. The good lady is learning the art of cheap lager and it can only mean our love grows deeper. I have a further 2 tokens from the nice pie people and cannot wait for cheap lager to get cheaper.


As for what Bitburger is like. Not bad at all. A nice drop of lout. Quite sharp and hoppy, with that lovely resinous quality that comes from hop extract and I really rather like it. A nice change, and well worth the buttons paid.


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