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22-03-2011, 09:51
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Tomorrow sees the opening of the 2011 Wetherspoons Beer Festival. It is a bit different to other beer festivals with their list promising over 50 beers available in their pubs in the next 3 weeks.

The format is tried and tested with some regular beers being supplemented by specials brewed for the festival and some foreign brewers brewing their styles of beer on British brewers plants.

The drawback is, that should you want to try all 50 beers then it either means a visit to a Wetherspoons pub daily or a visit to several to try to collect them all. If previous experience is anything to go by it seems all the beers are not released at once and often one finds the same beer on several bars at the same time, so some form of information of where to look for the more unusual beers is useful to save wasted journeys.

If 'Spoons is your thing, or if you do like to sample many different styles of beers that are often uncommon then get out there and start counting. See if you can get to 50 before your friends, or try and find that elusive beer that everyone else seems to miss. Its a bit of fun.


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