View Full Version : Anyone going to Newcastle Beer Festival?

Real Ale Ray
20-03-2011, 17:49
It's taking place 13-16 April - hoping to get up there on Thurs 14 and Fri 15. I believe there will be roughly 160 beers. List available on site beginning of April. www.cannybevvy.co.uk (http://www.cannybevvy.co.uk).

If anyone fancies meeting up, give us a shout - aka Real Ale Ray.

'We drink real ale for the taste, not the effect'

Real Ale Ray
05-04-2011, 22:04
Beer list now up on www.cannybevvy.co.uk - some cracking beers - should be good!

10-04-2011, 11:59
Talking to someone involved at Leicester fest, and it sounded a great fest to go to. Not been before, and sadly plans are already made for this year, but hope to plot it in next year's diary.