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28-01-2007, 14:48

I just thought I would say hello and let you know about my particular pub interests.

My favourite passtime is to go out with my family and friends for lunch or dinner to those hostelries that provide the best food, drink and atmosphere.

I live in Whitby and work in Scarborough and I would like to review each pub in and around those areas.

Whitby is a very special place for both adults and Kids, with the added benefit of lots of good Pubs!

So if you get the chance pay our little town a visit I'm sure you will be suitably impressed!


17-01-2008, 16:26
I used to live in Scarborough about 10 years ago and I counted all the pubs at the time. I counted 78, would be interested to know if there's any more or less.

23-02-2008, 18:01
Hello FILO,Best Fish & Chips in the World comes from Whitby and there are some good pubs as well. I have noticed that some pubs still need their photos added to this site, so if you got time to spare hows about filling in the blanks such as The Laurel Inn,Bay Bank,Dolphin Hotel,Grosvenor Hotel at Robins Hood Bay, and Duke of Wellington at Danby,Fylingdales Inn at Fylingdales,also the 2 in Goathland,Goathland hotel and Inn on the Moor and the Board Inn Leaholm,the Red Lion Lythe,the Old Hall Hotel Ruswarp and finally the Flask Inn Sleights. If any of these are closed/Only hotels that do not sell beers/Change of names I am sure Dave/Conrad would be pleased to know

03-04-2008, 19:29
Have you been to the New Inn at Cropton? It's not too far from Whitby. They brew their own beers.

10-04-2008, 08:00
O the nights spent at the Cropton beer festivals!, They were great, the ales they had on on our many visits were perfect and the "Hog Roasts" were so tasty and the bar staff were so friendly and helpful and always gave us a taster if we were not sure if we would like the beer. We had a campervan then and always parked it right outsid the beer annex so could happily fall into bed at night, unfortunately we do not have it now so cannot go to the beer fests anymore but I still drink a Cropton's ale when it is on at a beer fest in Essex where I live. If you get down this way in 28th May-1st June there is a great beer fest on at THE DOVE in Ipswich with about 80 ales on most from gravity rest from pump. also we have the Chelmsford beer fest 8th -12th July well worth a trip. Any chance of you taking photo's of pubs in your area and posting them on this site?
from bzylzy

10-04-2008, 12:23
I have stayed at Rose Cottage Farm in Cropton for the last 7 years. Can't fault it.

Pics of pubs in Notts...hmm. They are closing loads down, but there is the very nice Bell Inn in the centre of Nottm and also we have just discovered the Malt Cross just around the corner from the Bell. I'm sure we can take their pics.

Actually the Malt Cross is a curious animal. From the outside it is just a door. Inside it is like a tardis. It is actually an old Victorian Music Hall and still retains lots of features. It has the original domed glass roof!

Both pubs have websites.

05-08-2008, 20:22
i used to live in scarborough about 10 years ago and i counted all the pubs at the time. I counted 78, would be interested to know if there's any more or less.

if you check scarborough on pubs galore you will find that at the present time their are 115 listed.


06-08-2008, 13:00
I wouldn't trust our numbers too much, also that count will include the surrounding villages. Scarborough is at least fairly well maintained by a number of the sites members, so the count should be close.

24-08-2008, 11:59
Thanks for the responses. Sorry for the delay in replying. I've not been well lately so I have'nt been able to get out to our local pubs much, but I'm back now. I hope to be able to do a bit more in the way of reviews over the next few months. The next trip to Lancaster involves a stay at the Sun Hotel and Bar in Church street for a couple of nights.


14-10-2009, 18:43
Have you been to the New Inn at Cropton? It's not too far from Whitby. They brew their own beers.

The cropton beers are widely available around North Yorkshire. I first encountered them on the Pullman Dining Train from Grosmont to Pickering. I think I drank something called Rudolphs Revenge.

Filo :)