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07-03-2011, 14:37
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09-03-2011, 12:27
The first Monday of every month at the Seven Stars Bristol http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/635/ there's a beer festival,this months offerings were all from Yorkshire.

The list was-
Daily Bread – 3.8% - Traditional light best bitter.
Moonshine – 4.3% - Straw coloured hoppy ale.
Smoked Porter – 4.8% - Rich smokey porter.

Old Moor Porter – 4.4% - Rich Victorian style porter
Gorlovka Imperial Stout – 6% - Very rich, strong stout.

Beer Works:
Duck Baffler – 4.1% - Very pale and hoppy.

Brew Company:
Hop Ripper – 4.3% - hoppy smooth IPA.

Farmers Blonde - 4% - very pale citrus ale.
Farmers Pale – 5% - Strong floral hopped golden beer.

Bitter – 4% - Deep amber, malty bitter.
Samuel Berry’s IPA – 5.1% - Strong floral hopped IPA.

Kelham Island:
Kelham Best – 3.8% - Light, session best bitter.
Into The Groove – 4% - Well hopped pale ale.
Bette Noire – 5.5% - Thick dark chocolate ale.

Crucible Best – 3.8% - Well-balanced malty session bitter.
Porter – 4.4% - Smooth chocolate malty stout.

Tadpole – 3.8% - Dry hopped pale ale.
Malted In Black – 4.3% - Malty, smooth dark ale.

White Rose:
Hop On The Band Wagon – 4.3% - Deep golden hoppy ale.
Raven – 4.8% - Smooth nutty mild.

Hard to choose between,Hop on the Bandwagon,Farmers Pale and Duck Baffler but the latter wins. :cheers:

09-03-2011, 18:35
A course I was on in Leeds yesterday finished unexpectedly early, so what's a man to do? :whistle: A pretty good start to the week:

Ilkley - Mary Jane.
Roosters - YPA.
Ridgeside - Southern Cross.
Elland - Nocturne.
Marston Moor - Matchlock Mild.
Elland - Skydog.
Durham - White Magic.
Thwaites' - Hit The North.
Exmoor - Beast.

Some lovely beers there, but the Nocturne was a fabulous rich stout. It's going to take some beating.

Oggwyn Trench
13-03-2011, 08:42
Good night last night

Hobsons - Twisted Spire
Dr Mortons - Duck Baffler
Milton - Sparta
Brown Cow - Pegasus
Shardlow - Mayfly
Titanic - Nine Tenths Below
Brains Bread of Heaven

BOTW Hobsons Twisted Spire at a bargain £2 a pint at the Compasses

Thuck Phat
13-03-2011, 09:52
Another quiet week but a day or two boating next week may see some much needed variety introduced. BOTW goes to Oakham Black Hole Porter, no apologies for Oakham getting my BOTW for the 4th week in a row, they seem to be on top form. Black Hole Porter at 5.5% is as you'd expect but for one seriously dangerous and quality trait. I tend to find one or two pints of porter style beers is enough especially if they're 5.5% as this one is. Not so here, BHP positively begs you to have another pint. Dangerously and enjoyably drinkable.

Bucking Fastard
13-03-2011, 13:43
I know a lot of other posters have waxed lyrical about Exmoor Beast ,I tried it for the first time in The George,Croydon and just have to award it BOTW,although Dark Star American IPA pushed it very hard once a few pints of it had been pulled off,well I was drinking in a 'spoons afterall.
Being a little wary of the Beast's 6.6% ABV ,I gave it a sniff and got a distict reminder of Mr Bruce's Dogbolter.Now that was a pint where you never knew which way it would go.Stay down,or come straight back up?:sick: Glad to report that The Beast caused no such angst,it really is a very finely crafted brew.

Got the boat moving,so will be navigating through London and up the Colne valley in search of decent ale next week,just hope that fortune favours the brave.

14-03-2011, 10:22
I've also had a couple of excellent pints of the Beast this week. Also Summer Wine Resistance Dark Mild almost got the vote.

But the winner is going to be Wentworth Chilli Stout, tried in the Regal Moon. It's a lovely stout that leaves you with the tingle of chilli on your lips and at the back of the throat.

I'm not saying I could have a full session on it but I had it as my final pint of the night on both Saturday & Sunday. :cheers:

14-03-2011, 11:13
...the Nocturne was a fabulous rich stout. It's going to take some beating.

Unfortunately, I peaked rather early this week, with no more beer after Tuesday. Therefore, BOTW is Elland Nocturne.

14-03-2011, 13:04
Aside from enjoying a couple of bottles of Brains Dark at home, the only beer I had this week was Ringwood Fortyniner , drunk in large quantities in order to numb the pain of losing our South Coast derby game against Southampton this weekend.

14-03-2011, 17:17
Shuttle Ale 5.2% from the Three B's Brewery Blackburn it was the only decent Beer I had this week so it will to be that for beer of the week very nice Pint.

General Staal
14-03-2011, 18:17
Two delicious ales I had this week were Two Towers Jewellery Porter and Beowulf Beorma. Beautiful!

14-03-2011, 20:21
I am officiously sulking.

14-03-2011, 21:30
Gravity dispenced Harveys at the Cricketers, Berwick: Sussex Best Bitter-perfect condition,wonderful beer. Armada ale-4.5% ABV; I'd not tried this before-apples, marmalade,SBB's grown up brother. Sussex XXXX Old ale-4.3%ABV:luscious,black and reassuring.Even better than when I considered it to be the holy grail of beer, back in the 70s. Now wasn't the grail the container, not the contents....
My BOTW-Harveys Sussex xxxx Old ale.

14-03-2011, 21:38
Farewell to the Shepherd Neame - but strangely not badged as such - Amber Ale which went very well in the village club - my BOTW for w/e 30 January 2011 when it arrived and again this week as it leaves (with a good few barrels dispensed in between)...

15-03-2011, 11:19
Yes the SN Amber Ale threw me a bit at first, especially since I think it was a different style pump clip when I had it last year (and it didn't have a brewery name on it then either - I had to ask).

Not the biggest beer session last week (I am consciouslytrying to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels at the moment so am a bit picky on my intake) but my first and probably last visit to the Oakfield Arms in Haringey threw up an excellent pairing of Milton Dionysus and Blindmans Mine Beer. Tough call between them but the Milton Dionysus just shades it for having a surprisingly full flavour for such a weak beer (3.6%).