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07-03-2011, 07:10
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Just like last years must have hop was 'Nelson Sauvin', this year brewers seem to have developed a taste for brewing with 'Citra' and it seems drinkers have developed a taste for drinking it as well.

The hop was only released to brewers in mid 2008 but many breweries have already used it to great effect in their beers, often as a single hopped beer. Once you overcome the somewhat unusual aroma, the taste of fresh fruit takes over the pallette, giving a massive grapefruit and passion fruit hit.

If you have not yet tried it then this could be the week for you. The 'Rat & Ratchet' promises a 'Citra Off' between Pictish and Mallinsons single hopped versions of the brew, with both on the bar at the same time, to allow the drinker to compare and contrast the efforts of both brewers. Should this not be enough for you then a walk down to the 'Star' offers two other versions on the taunting pole, with Allgates and Hophead versions due on in the next few days. No doubt there will be other breweries efforts waiting in the wings as well.

Obviously the editorial team will have to test these out to bring you a fair assessment of the beers, but if you have time or the inclination to try out this excellent new variety may be this could be the place to start.

A less well known hop that has made an appearance is 'Galaxy'. So far I have only come across it once, in a beer from the innovative Thornbridge brewery,'Galaxia' but what I tasted was good. So good in fact that when I wanted a second half it had run off ! Their tasting notes describe the Australian hop as giving off the aroma of grapefruit, guava and mango and giving the beer 'an intensely tingling bitter finish' - another one to look out, no doubt appearing on a bar near you soon.

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