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04-03-2011, 17:43
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So many things to blog about, so little time. There was a period this week where I didn't even tweet for a whole day, shock horror. Quick run-down so we're all up to date:

New chef didn't turn up to work. Found out he took a job elsewhere and didn't tell us

I'm therefore still fully tied to the kitchen. Brewery on hold, again

Tiling kitchen very slowly progressing due to bloody old building = wonky walls

Society of Licensees website will soon be live - now I've worked out how to make a members area and integrate the forum I just need to tidy it up and we're away (ETA next Friday)

Ordered in a load of new weird and wonderful bottled beers - the idea was I could focus on matching them with the new menus aforementioned chef was going to write. Still doing this, but with my dishes (with a lot of help from friends on twitter).

Slight faux-pas on my part last week meant we had 1 lunch service without a Welsh ale on, which has broken my 'professionally' new years resolution...

Craft beer pubs blog post is on the back burner - I really wanted to get the next blog out there while the fire burns bright in my heart about it


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