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02-03-2011, 17:12
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http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-0uKlG4vL01k/TW6Hph360TI/AAAAAAAABek/E8oAiCf1rqg/s200/006.JPG (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-0uKlG4vL01k/TW6Hph360TI/AAAAAAAABek/E8oAiCf1rqg/s1600/006.JPG)
I'd been hearing a great deal of talk about this beer over Christmas and finally popped my bottle open a while back. I still get excited when I get to try something from a brewery for the first time - given how much beer us bloggers get through, we can sometimes take that for granted. Even better, I'm a big fan of Rye in beer so was curious as to how Michigan-based Founder's (http://www.foundersbrewing.com/) take on it stood up.

I needn't have worried; it's a delicious beer. Red's Rye PA (6.6%abv), mahogany in colour, ploughs a similar furrow to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale - with rounded, sweet hardcandy and boiled-sweet flavours -but undercut with a little breadiness and spice coming through at the end of the sip, presumably courtesy of the rye. There’s Pine and atouch of Grapefruit on the nose, backed up with a little more pepperiness, but balanced, bitter end is more than balanced out by the sweet body.It’s very easy-drinking for its strength and chills nicely too. All in all; A balanced, tasty beer.

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