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01-03-2011, 22:40
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The Good Beer Guide has traditionally shown a range of symbols denoting various facilities such as pub games, gardens and food. But nowadays it’s getting to the stage where the absence of certain features has become an attraction in itself, so a few negative symbols are called for. One should be “No Satellite TV”, so you know you can visit in confidence without walking into a scrum of raucous footie fans. And, given the relaxation of the law relating to children in pubs, the “family room” symbol is increasingly meaningless. What is needed is an “Adult Friendly” symbol indicating that the pub has at least one separate area where under-18s are never admitted. It also needs to be re-emphasised that the “Quiet Pub” symbol means that no piped music is played in any public area, at any time. Regrettably, I know a couple of generally very good pubs that used to qualify for this but sadly no longer do through playing the radio at times.

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