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18-11-2009, 09:02
Over the weekend I was saddened to hear that Arwkrite's wife Lynne recently passed away.

I am struggling writing this to not fill it with a number of personal reflections, but it is true to say that I cannot imagine what Arwkrite is going through and even trying to imagine scares me.

In my most recent PM he says how Lynne in her most recent visit to hospital had deteriorated to the point where she would no longer be able to do the things she loved which was getting out and meeting people and enjoying a glass of red wine. This comes as no surprise having listened to him champion wheelchair access on the forum, he clearly enjoyed sharing this time with her.

Obviously this is a difficult time for Arwkrite and his involvement on the forum will be limited by the changes in his life, I am sure we all want to respect that. Also I know it would cheer me up to know that all in our community can offer their well wishes on this thread



Speaking for myself I was saddened beyond words to hear this news, Arwkrite has quickly become a vital voice in the community being built here. In time I am sure some of the pain will fade and the important memories of the joy you shared will dominate.

My condolences for your loss

18-11-2009, 09:08

Iam very saddened to hear your recent loss.

With deepest sympathy


Dave M
18-11-2009, 12:14

I would like to offer my sympathy as I was also deeply saddened to hear of your loss.

You are in my thoughts at this time.


18-11-2009, 13:12

Very sorry to hear this news

Mike [aka Farway]

Oggwyn Trench
18-11-2009, 17:19

My thoughts are with you at this time

18-11-2009, 19:02

I was genuinely shocked when I read the news. My thoughts are also with you. Please accept my sincere condolences.


18-11-2009, 20:27
My thoughts are with you also.

18-11-2009, 23:44
R.I.P. Lynne and condolences to Arwkrite.

Soup Dragon
19-11-2009, 07:57
You know how i feel, Mr A - you have my number, drop me a line at anytime

19-11-2009, 10:00
Mr A,

you also have my sincere condolences, I was saddened by the news and my thoughts are with you and your family.

19-11-2009, 17:43
Shocked to hear this - condolences Arkwrite.

19-11-2009, 18:31

So sorry to hear the news. Please accept my deepest sympathies.



19-11-2009, 21:46
Thank you all for your special thoughts. Lynne was only 63 yoa and had already survived two periods in intensive care and we all thought that once more she would beat the odds.Sadly it was not to be.
It will be awhile before I get my head sorted and my whole life has to re-arranged.I had been Lynnes fulltime carer for five years.
In my short on this forum I have come to consider you all good friends and I did not want you to think by my very absence I had left the Forum.Iwish You All the Best and promise to return in better times.