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16-02-2011, 06:50
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I have recently bought a copy of CAMRA's 'Yorkshire's Real Heritage Pubs' (pub interiors of special historic interest in Yorkshire and Humber) . It is the best £5 I have spent in a long time. Nearly 100 pages of information on glossy paper full of information and pictures. It is a book that anyone who loves the pubs in the area should not be without. It fits handily in a pocket so you can carry it about and check out the pubs as you drink in them.

It is set out with an introduction that charts the growth and history of the pubs in the area, and follows this with a guide through each of Yorkshire's four counties, pointing out the best examples of each style of pub in each area. It is easy to use, set out alphabetically through the towns and villages in the counties, giving pen portraits of the pubs listed and often backs them up with quality illustrations of the pubs , with ground plans of some of them, and street maps to get around those places with a few pubs listed.

Huddersfield gets several mentions, 'The Sportsman', 'Shoulder of Mutton', 'Albert' and the 'Victoria' all feature, as do some of my favourite out of town pubs. The 'Three Pigeons' in Halifax is there, as is the 'Garden Gate' in Hunslet, 'Nellys' in Beverley, and 'The Blue Bell' in York. All are well described and their features explained, as well as their context within the scheme of pub history.

It is well written and easy to read, ideal for just dipping into but just as good for reading cover to cover. A great little book to carry about with your 'Good Beer Guide' if you are out for the day. It does not cover the beers currently served in the pubs but that would not be expected, rather concentrating on each pubs external and internal features.

On a personal note there are some omissions. I am surprised that neither 'The Sair' nor the 'Dog & Partridge' feature for example but that is a minor complaint when compared to the places that are included. As I said, it is well worth £5, and unlike the 'Good Beer Guide' will not date. It is available in some local pubs or direct from CAMRA.

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