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09-02-2011, 08:50
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There can be a lot of negativity on the Beer Blogosphere regarding the death of the pub industry. It is by all accounts something some people care about. One can only wonder why, when they can sit in their own nice clean homes necking cheap supermarket grog and not have to sit in run down tatty miserable pubs anymore. I guess for some people the glass is always half empty. To raise the mood I did think of a blog documenting all the nice things that happens to closed pubs. Things like being knocked down and a Tesco being built or a block of flats. A cheerful look as to how a dynamic market economy doesn’t leave decaying old buildings to rot but instead utilizes them for nicer uses than a dumpy pub. A counter weight to this blog about closed pubs (http://closedpubs.blogspot.com/), from the fella Mudge (http://pubcurmudgeon.blogspot.com/). You might be surprised to discover I can’t be bothered. So instead I’m starting the first in what might be an occasional series about closed pubs that have gone on to being something better and serving their communities in new and interesting ways.

We start first with this story in the Manchester Evening News (http://menmedia.co.uk/manchestereveningnews/news/s/1406955_backlash_neighbours_in_uproar_as_stockport _pub_turns_into_bondage_club). It details the charming story of a dumpy pub becoming a bondage club. The pub, the Rifle Volunteer in delightful Stockport was obviously not wanted by the people of the town, and can you blame them? Instead a thriving fetish establishment called "The Slave Academy" has opened offering such things as “mistress worship” and caters for the residents of the borough in a way a pub clearly could not.

I can only presume the establishment isn’t a knocking shop containing trafficked East European slaves forced to work as hookers, as I doubt they would be so open about it. As you expect from this blog I researched this interesting development fully, but not by actually going there. I doubt I could have got away with “I’m off to a fetish club dear, to research material for my blog. It’s about the exciting new uses of closed pubs” I am lucky in so far as my lovely squeeze can be an open minded sort of girl, but I would not have got away with that one. I googled it and discovered the establishment has a website, here (http://www.slave-academy.co.uk/location.html). I would caution you against clicking on it at work. I cannot say it really does look like my cup of tea any more than going for a pint in the Rifle Volunteer would have been, but Mistress Sascha looks like a game girl. It is stories like this that show the decline of the pub industry has many positive benefits and offers an arguably cheerful story of a pub being put to better use. Glass half full !

If you have any stories of pubs put to better use let me know


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