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08-02-2011, 12:56
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This morning I wrote a blog about why I like the name ‘craft beer’ and why I think it works in the UK. Then I got thinking… this is probably a topic which lots of others have an opinion on, so I thought I’d tell people in advance and see if others want to blog on the same topic and then post on Friday 11 February (short notice but most people probably know how they feel about it already!).

It’s a hot topic in the UK, some liking it and others hating it. Whether you agree or disagree, I don’t mind, but if you do disagree then come up with a better argument than ‘it doesn’t mean anything in the UK’ (yawn). And if you do like it then say why and why you think it works. It’ll be interesting to see the range of different opinions on this one…

Post any time on Friday if you want to take part.


I’ve got an idea on a beer blogging project called Brood. It’s like the Session but more of a sideways glance, encouraging bloggers to look a little differently at topics in beer (some important, some irreverent), or addressing ideas differently… This would be an ideal topic for Brood, as would ‘Why Budweiser is the best beer in the world’ or ‘Why I hate/love football in pubs’. Would people be interested in a semi-regular blog project like that? Taking ideas and encouraging people to write on that same topic and see what the different opinions are, with different people choosing the topics.

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