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04-02-2011, 19:11
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http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_jsZenwUdpfo/TUxc6n_WlPI/AAAAAAAAAcg/3soKvbvwidk/s200/Tesco+Finest+Brewdog+American+Double+IPA.JPG (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_jsZenwUdpfo/TUxc6n_WlPI/AAAAAAAAAcg/3soKvbvwidk/s1600/Tesco+Finest+Brewdog+American+Double+IPA.JPG)
My local Tesco are currently selling Tesco Finest American Double IPA at just £1 for a 330ml bottle (usually £1.99). This 9.2% ABV beer is believed to be a rebadged version of BrewDog Hardcore IPA. It’s an unflinchingly bitter beer, but there’s plenty in the flavour mix as well as vast quantities of hops. It could be said to be the beer world’s equivalent of Islay malt whiskies like Laphroiag. To be honest, to me it’s more a beer to be respected than enjoyed, but even so at that price it can’t be resisted. It’s a mere 33p a unit, which will make Don Shenker splutter into his sarsaparilla, but I can’t see many tramps swapping it for their Tennent’s Special. You have to wonder whether its uncompromising character has put many drinkers off and led to Tesco discounting it.

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