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04-02-2011, 15:00
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I'm not sure what it is I'm getting involved in here, a refrain I've often uttered before what turns out a highly entertaining impromptu adventure for an evening, but I've been asked to blog my thoughts on the containers beer comes in, so here we go!

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_7Qhwe4-hzXg/TUwW5rR_uRI/AAAAAAAAARE/bAQEvdODWgo/s320/dales-pale-ale-xl.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_7Qhwe4-hzXg/TUwW5rR_uRI/AAAAAAAAARE/bAQEvdODWgo/s1600/dales-pale-ale-xl.jpg)The original American canned craft beer,
Oskar Blues cites the can as a major savingGlass - always brown, never clear, especially craft brewers; Badger, Greene King & St Austell have all been guilty of bottling good beers because they want to pander to the marketing departments. Why the hell do you let your brewers spend all that money on raw ingredients, utilities and manpower if you're just going to balls up the end result by putting it in a clear bottle.

For any brewery reading this, if profit is your primary concern then let me put why this is bad in terms you'll understand, it's short-sighted in terms of brand equity and longevity, unless you're Corona and you can convince the gullible that sticking lime in the top is a Mexican tradition to keep out flies, not to cover up the fetid stench of light strike as the hop oils degrade into something resembling a damp corgi who's been rolling in a swamp.

Cask vs. keg - different strokes for different folks, I think keg is a very different beast these days and the word no longer represents poor quality products (smoothflow on the other hand is the devil's own work!).

Cans - use the American method, use soda cans, they are a pleasing size to drink beer from, they keep beer super-fresh and it's my new favourite way of enjoying beer when not in a pub environment; I grant you I tend to drink American offerings so I don't get to enjoy them very often but the sooner more breweries follow in BrewDog's paw prints and band together to run a consumer campaign to get them to understand how much better the beer is when packaged this way the better everyone will be.

And why? Well for starters you can get across more information about your beer on cans as you have the whole surface of the container to use, they will save you transport costs as the are lighter and fill space on your transport more efficiently, so you will be able to get more pallets on one truck, they are better for the environment as they are more recyclable than glass and, finally and most importantly, if your product is designed to be served fresh then the can (when lined with a protective membrane like a soda can) will do a better job than any other container of protecting it.*

I know I've said all that before, but it bears repeating and besides, someone asked me to do it (still not sure why but hell, I'm a helpful kinda gal!).

*Caveat is obviously bottle conditioned beer, I can't see how you would be able to do that in can without it exploding, but I'm sure smarter people than I can tell me whether that's the case or nothttps://blogger.googleusercontent.com/tracker/7870641958407671573-7498134125821340015?l=girlsguidetobeer.blogspot.co m

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