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04-02-2011, 10:51
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Official press release of CAMCL

'Sharp' Practice by Molson Coors

CAMCL, the Campaign for Cooking Lager, has voiced serious concerns over the future of Molson Coors and cooking lager following the acquisition of the Sharps brewery by Molson Coors. The global beer giant has gobbled up Cornwall's leading microbrewery in a £20m deal to secure what M-C's Chief Executive Mark Hunter calls the "Doom Bar Brand".

CAMCL’s Chief Executive, Pedro Miguel, said "Once again we are seeing the acquisitive actions of a global brewer buying local brewers to secure what they perceive as marketable pongy ale brands for short term profit. What future will there be for Coors other beer brands such as Carling and Coors Light? No cooking lager was mentioned in the release announcing the deal. We're also concerned what the deal might mean for the long term future of cooking lager when the Cornish brewery closes, production absorbed centrally and cooking lager capacity is used up producing pongy ale? Can Coors confirm cooking lager production capacity will not be affected and the British cooking lager enthusiast will remain awash in a river of dirt cheap fizzy gorgeous lout?"

"Whilst we are not that arsed about the fact that one of the UK's brewers wishes to hawk a pongy ale nationally after abandoning their own pongy ale heritage, we regret that they have decided to take focus off knocking out lots of lovely cheap lout. We remain concerned that hawking drinkable pongy ale nationally to a quality and consistency uncommon in the pong market might even eat into the cooking lager market."

CAMCL will be seeking assurances from Molson Coors management about the future of not only Carling Lager but also all the Coors cooking lager brands.

Will Molson Coors retain the focus to knock out cheap lout now they are hawking pong? We urge them to respect their history in selling global keg and bottled lager beers. Will people continue to regard Carling beer as being truly cheap and lovely?

As for the regular drinkers of cheap lout they can only hope that these Emmets from Burton upon Trent will treat their cooking lager with respect.


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