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25-01-2011, 08:24
A passing observation, Pudsey which is part of Leeds is listed under the "West Yorkshire" heading but, its not in the list of outlying area's of Leeds where it would
be more at home.

25-01-2011, 10:07
Pudsey is only part of Leeds in so far as its local council is Leeds City otherwise it has always been a separate town and is quite rightly shown on its own under West Yorkshire. Morley which is also a separate town probably shouldn't be lumped in with Leeds, and I'm not so sure about Horsforth either as it's been a town since 1999 according to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horsforth) :whistle:, anyway Conrad has plans to sort this stuff out, one day soon :pray:.

25-01-2011, 12:51
Hi pintplease,

The whole system is based on Postal Towns (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_post_towns_in_the_United_Kingdom). It is a reference system that is unchanging and easy for us to look up. So any Postal Town will be listed under its Ceremonial County (with the exception of London). Anything that is not a Postal Town will be listed as an area its Postal Town.

As ob says I am working on a system that should make it a little more malleable, but it is proving to be a nightmare, I hate work when it starts stretching out like this one has.

Hope that helps, feel free to ask for more detail on any of that.

25-01-2011, 16:03
Just seems not quiet right that there is list of 83 Outlying areas
of Leeds when Pudsey isn't one of them although it is part of Leeds.
Just thought if it was included it would make for easier reference.

25-01-2011, 16:44
The trouble is there is no one system for describing locations in England. We have a county system that is subject to arbitrary change (and indeed many towns are currently not in English counties) and anywhere can just start calling itself a town. As various town boundaries expand villages become part of these towns. There is no way we can officiate it and it is a source of constant complaint (and thus a headache for us). The Royal Mail has devised a system which we have duplicated as it is at least fully documented and easily referenced.

However type Pudsey to the site search and it will return it and this is the easiest answer if anyone is ever searching for a location.

For more history on this bitter subject:
PG Historical: Sub Districts (http://forums.pubsgalore.co.uk/showthread.php?492-PG-Historical-Sub-Districts)
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25-01-2011, 17:27
These small towns are such a grey area, but I have a lot of sympathy with 'pintplease' on this one. Having lived and worked in Leeds on and off for twenty odd years, my sense of it is that most Leeds people think that Pudsey is part of the city. Tellingly, the annual Leeds Beer Festival is held there.

When I attempted the Leeds tidy up, I was surprised to see it listed separately, but could understand why. Closer to home, Ossett is listed separately from Wakefield, but Horbury isn't, so who knows.

25-01-2011, 17:51
This subject makes me loose the will to live :(

26-01-2011, 03:06
sorry, didnt realise the complications

26-01-2011, 13:06
Sorry pintplease & aleandhearty, I shouldn't have been snippy. If you don't ask how can you be expected to know the complications?

There are 2 issues that are almost guaranteed to p*ss me off on the site.

1) Reviewers whose only purpose is to try and damage a pubs business, of which we had a classic example of yesterday (http://forums.pubsgalore.co.uk/showthread.php?5515-Strange-reviews.).

2) Geography lessons. Which is an issue that no matter how often we change the site around we get told we are wrong (and frequently quite vociferously, which this one isn't). Genuinely, if you can think of a good example of a site doing locations for all of the UK that you like, do let us know as we are always happy to look and see if it is possible on PuG.

None of which however is an excuse to be snippy with people who contribute so much to making the site better.

27-01-2011, 12:23
This subject makes me loose the will to live :(

Sorry pintplease & aleandhearty, I shouldn't have been snippy.

:D Conrad, there's no need to apologise. Well, certainly not on my behalf. Not one hackle rose when I read your comment, infact I was smiling . I know how much you hate the subject and just took it as a good natured rant. Instantly forgotten.