View Full Version : Strange reviews.

Al 10000
24-01-2011, 17:48
Hi Conrad,

I have just been reviewing and putting photos on PG of pubs in Castle Donington.
There are two people who have only reviewed 5 pubs each and all in Castle Donington one of these went in 4 pubs and gave 3 a rating of 1 and his highest rating of 7 was of a pub that he did'nt go in.

I am not asking for any deletions but i was curious if these two people were the same person as they both have a gripe about most pubs they have been in.

Thanks Alan.

25-01-2011, 12:46
Hi Alan,

Yep those 2 people were the same as was the new one they created to take advantage of your reviews to continue their campaign against one of the pubs there. Most irritating and we have removed all their reviews now. Sadly they are difficult to block altogether, but hopefully they will get bored now.

Thanks a lot for bringing that to our attention.