View Full Version : Not quite right review.

Al 10000
21-01-2011, 15:44
Hi Conrad,

I have done a review before chritmas and have since realised that it is not quite right, would it be better to delete the review and put a fresh one on as i am not sure how to edit a review and i think it would not look right doing that.
What are your thoughts on this ?

Thanks Alan.

21-01-2011, 18:26
If you are logged in and go to the pub page in question in the bottom left hand corner below your review you will find the edit button (next to the delete button).

I think that editing it and deleting it will have the same outcome as the date will still change to whenever you actioned it.

21-01-2011, 19:03
Hi Alan,

As Strongers says, it pretty much amounts to the same thing. If you delete it then add a new one it will show as dated at that point, similarly if you edit it it does the same. Although with editing you will see all the text you have written, so that may prove easier if it was a small mistake.

Conceivably in the future we could show that you have edited the review in the same way the forum does, but that is a long way off. Regardless though it seems fair enough to just edit the review.