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18-01-2011, 21:53
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http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_PWOsh5tJhjM/TTX8PHdHMrI/AAAAAAAACt8/ev9E2OWu-U0/s320/P1010157.JPG (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_PWOsh5tJhjM/TTX8PHdHMrI/AAAAAAAACt8/ev9E2OWu-U0/s1600/P1010157.JPG)Sorry for the virtual silence for the last week or so, but I've been organising a big fuck off sized beer festival. Well deputy organising it, which is quite hard enough thank you. And you know what? It's nearly ready now and most certainly will be entirely so by opening time tomorrow, which is if you are trade, 14.30 in new money. For the rest of you it is 17.00

I've mentioned highlights already here (http://tandlemanbeerblog.blogspot.com/2011/01/fancy-really-good-do.html), so won't bother doing that again, but it is really something splendid. The bars are built, the beers tapped and vented and the lines cleaned. The foreign and bottled beer has been set up, the cider and perry has been graded (it isn't a subterfuge for early drinking I'm assured) and the thousand and one other jobs have been ticked off. The place is looking great.

We are ready to rock and roll, so all that is needed to really ice my cake is for you (and around 10,000 more) to be there Dear Reader. If you show up, come and say hello.

The photo shows the Champion Winter Ale contenders in their anonymous pre-judging state.
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