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27-12-2010, 11:48
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Here are three more entries to the Golden Pints – from my good mate Matt Stokes, John Clarke, regular blog reader and beer lover, and Will Briggs, who works at Beer Ritz and writes Ghost Drinker (http://ghostdrinker.blogspot.com/). My winners are here (http://www.pencilandspoon.com/2010/12/golden-pints-2010-my-winners.html) (although after a couple of bottles which I had over Christmas it might need updating...).

Matt Stokes

Best UK Draught Beer - Brewdog Punk X, Gadds Oatmeal Stout runner up
Best UK Bottled Beer - Kernel Pale Ale(s), Brewdog I HardCore You
Best Overseas Draught Beer - Odell IPA, Matuska Raptor
Best Overseas Bottled Beer - Bear Republic Racer 5, Green Flash West Coast IPA runner up
Best Overall Beer - Brewdog Punk X
Best UK Brewery - Marble, Gadds runner up
Best Overseas Brewery - Oskar Blues, Odell runner up
Pub/Bar of the Year - The Lifeboat in Margate, Southampton Arms in Kentish Town runner up
Beer Festival of the Year - Planet Thanet, GBBF runner up
Supermarket of the Year - Morrisons
Independent Retailer of the Year - Kris Wines in Camden, City Wines in Shoreditch
Best Beer Blog or Website - Pencil and Spoon, Beerbirrabier runner up
Food and Beer Pairing of the Year - Walnuts and Gadds Oatmeal Stout, Pizza and Camden Pale Ale
In 2011 I’d Most Like To… See more Lovibonds, Camden Town, Kernel and Gadds
Open Category: Most Overpriced - End of History, Brew Wharf, The Rake

John Clarke

Best UK Draught Beer: Marble Pint (honourable mentions – Fyne Ales Jarl, Phoenix Black As Your Hat Strong Porter)
Best UK Bottled Beer: Marble Vuur & Vlam (honourable mentions - Saltaire Triple Chocoholic, Lees Vintage Harvest Sherry Cask)
Best Overseas Draught Beer: De Molen Blond met een Pond (Nelson Sauvin) (honourable mentions - Haandbryggeriet Fyr & Flamme, De Eem Spring Warrior)
Best Overseas Bottled Beer: Three tie: Timmermans Limited Edition Oude Kriek, Hopping Frog Bodacious Black & Tan, Southern Tier Imperial Mocha
Best Overall Beer: Marble Pint (for the combination of quality, character, drinkability and accessibility)
Best Pumpclip or Label: Hand Black Magic Woman
Best UK Brewery: Marble
Best Overseas Brewery: De Molen (with very honourable mentions to Emmelisse, De Ranke, De La Senne, and Jendrain Jendrenouille)
Pub/ Bar of the Year: Comptoir Des Arts (Brugge)
Beer Festival of the Year: Borefts Bier Festival (honourable mentions to Bruges Beer Festival and The Weekend of Spontaneous Fermentation)
Independent Retailer of the Year: Bier Koning, Amsterdam
Beer Book or Magazine: Opening Times (the CAMRA mag for Manchester, Stockport, Trafford etc etc)
Best Beer Blog: The Good Stuff (honourable mentions to Pencil & Spoon, Tandleman, Shut Up About Barclay Perkins, Hopzine and Blog O’ Beer)
Best Beer Twitterer: Oh, please…..
Best Brewery Online: The best breweries don’t seem to be online much
Best Beer & Food Pairing: Giradin Oude Lambic and a carbonade made with trappist beer (at the Groene Poort, Gooik - you had to be there, really)
In 2011 I’d most like to… get to Bruxellensis if the buggers run it again as promised.

Will Briggs

Best UK Draught Beer - Thornbridge Raven
Best UK Bottled Beer - Marble Dobber
Best Overseas Draught Beer - Odells IPA
Best Overseas Bottled Beer - Dogfish Head Chateau Jiahu
Best Overall Beer - Ilkley Mary Jane - never disappoints
Best Pumpclip or Label - Ilkley Stout Mary
Best UK Brewery - Marble
Best Overseas Brewery - Stone
Pub/Bar of the Year - Arcadia (Leeds Town Street Tavern)
Beer Festival of the Year - GBBF without doubt
Supermarket of the Year - Waitrose
Independent Retailer of the Year - Beer Ritz (cos it's my job)
Online Retailer of the Year - Beer Merchants
Best Beer Book or Magazine - 500 beers by Zak Avery (cos he's my boss but would still get my vote anyway!)
Best Beer Blog or Website - Hopzine
Best Beer Twitterer - Too many to say
Best Brewery Online - Brewdog
Food and Beer Pairing of the Year - Mikkeller Black Tie and Rocky Robins!!
In 2011 I’d Most Like To… - Work for a brewery
Open Category: - Best V.blogs - Stu from Crown Brewery for his food and beer videos - Love the guy.


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