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20-12-2010, 15:36

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20-12-2010, 23:49
Thought I would have to pass this week, but if we make it to Chelmsford on Thursday, we may be in for a few at the pub next door to the travel lodge there before (hopefully) getting a coach to Bruges for Christmas on Friday morning.

22-12-2010, 14:40
With Christmas approaching, managed to get a midweek pass-out from 'she-who-must-be-obeyed'. Tried Five Towns 'Bodyline', Bridestones 'American Pale', BrewDog 'Punk IPA', Burton Bridge 'Damson Porter', Fullers 'Jack Frost' and Fernandes 'Rum For Cover'. Between the Punk IPA and the Fernandes so far.

23-12-2010, 11:13
Awaited train in the Crown, where a reduced line-up still offered Moorhouse's Black Cat, Oakham Black Hole Porter, Pictish Alchemist, Woodlands Generals Tipple, Liverpool Organic Best Bitter, Skinners Betty's Big Sister, Three B's Happy New Beer, Mallinsons Comet, Moorehouse's Blond Witch, Facers Winter Warmer (7%), Brewdog Punk IPA, Copper Dragon Golden Pippin.

It came down to a penalty shoot out between the Porter & the Comet, but Mallinsons Comet never looked like missing, and will be my Christmas botw.

23-12-2010, 11:36
Not starting quite as early as Trainman, as I'll be on a train late afternoon for a Christmas session in the Edgar Wallace tonight, just off the Strand.

I did expect my BOW to come in tonight, but what ever's on now has strong competition in that I received a last minute invitation to the Rebellion Brewery members open evening in Marlow on Tuesday night.

Some superb supping of fresh beer, none more so than the December monthly brew called 'Stocking Filler' , a crisp pale beer at 4.2%. So good in fact that I walked away with a 22 pint mini barrel from the brewery shop.
I was pesuaded by the fact that these min barrels have a shelf life of 3 weeks, so plently of time to enjoy over Xmas..
And if any of the regular PuG forum members finds yourselves in the vicinity of London N21 over the festive season, you are more than welcome to PM me and drop in to help me get through it....:drinkup: :drinkup:

Al 10000
23-12-2010, 17:52
My beer of the week is Nottingham brewery Sooty Stout this drink is as dark as Guinnesss but has 10 times the flavour of Guinness i think it is 4.8%.

23-12-2010, 19:53
an old favourite for me as it's been a thin week for beer, Saltaire Blonde

Thuck Phat
24-12-2010, 12:37
A few days in Norfolk saw some fine beer from the Fox brewery in Heacham and had I found a pint of Nelson's Blood I suspect that may have taken the award this week. As I didn't, it's Saltaire for the second week in a row, BOTW for me is Saltaire's Winter Ale.

24-12-2010, 17:01
Had so Much this week its hard too think of a good One as there were a lot of good ones But I will go for Skinners Jingle Knockers I had last Night as that was good. Thats it for Beer this week after tonights next Session. Its back too work Sunday Morning at 06:30 so I will not bother drinking tomorrow after tonights few. :whistle:

26-12-2010, 13:40
Abbeydale Beer Works Reindeer Repellant is going to be BOTW this week. Actually tried on Christmas Eve in The Baum before I had to go and drink loads of Cruzcampo and red wine at our local tapas bar.

Beartown Polar Eclipse came close though. :cheers:

26-12-2010, 21:00
Have tried to eschew the stupidly named Christmas stuff this week, although the Marstons Christmas Pudding Spiced Ale was very good. But my BotW is Oxfordshire Ales Choc Ox, a dark beer with chocolate undertones.

26-12-2010, 22:33
There was quite a lot of Adnams Christmas Cheer about in the former Spirit Group pubs in London that Punch Taverns are now rebranding as Taylor Walker outlets - quite light for a festive ale, but a nice ruby colour and something I got a taste for...

27-12-2010, 08:26
A quiet beer week with little to savour but I did pop out for a couple last night just to stretch my legs and was quite taken in by the Weltons Black Turkey at the wat Tyler, Dartford. Not a particularly favourite brewery or beer style but at 5.2% went down quite nicely.

27-12-2010, 19:55
Five Towns 'Bodyline',
Bridestones 'American Pale',
BrewDog 'Punk IPA',
Burton Bridge 'Damson Porter',
Fullers 'Jack Frost'
Fernandes 'Rum For Cover'.

Also on Christmas Eve:
Springhead 'Running Meg'
HopBack 'Winter Lightning'
Roosters 'Mocha Stout'
BrewDog 'Edge'
Ossett 'Deer Hill Porter'
Riverhead 'Marsden Merry Maker'

A very difficult choice this week, as there were several strong contenders. In the end I'm giving it to Riverhead 'Marsden Merry Maker'.