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18-12-2010, 10:25
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Will has just pre-empted my blog, which was going to be about Xmas beers in general, and those with silly names in particular. He has already identified one of the beers I was going to highlight, another of the Doctor Morton's range from Abbeydale, which are always good for a laugh, I mean the pump clip, not the beer, which is usually excellent. But what else is about for us to enjoy ?

Locally, Mallinsons have brought out 'Comet', named after the reindeer, not the thing in the sky. Acorn have provided '8th Noel', their 8th Xmas beer, and Ossett have resurrected their 'Nervous Turkey' for the season. None of these having a particularly silly name though. I have seen a pump clip, although not yet tasted the beer, for a new offering from Blue Monkey, called 'King Kong Merrily on High'...that's more like it.

Time for a bit of research. A look through the new beers on Beermad only revealed Caledonian 'Escape Claus' which I could class as vaguely silly, but as an aside Warwickshire 'Moustache Ale' sounds a bit daft. So time to revisit my beer lists and see what we have been subject to in the past.

Blackwater 'Jingle Dingles' seems to fit the bill; so does Bull Box 'Turkey's Revenge'; and Hull 'Rudolph P*ss', but most breweries have been playing safe with stuff called 'Xmas Pudding' and 'Christmas Beer'. Who else has the wit to be a bit original ? Andy at the erstwhile Rat brewery came up with 'Cratchit's Xmas Cracker' ; Bobs had 'Anything But Turkey' a couple of years ago;and Pictish treated us to 'Rudolph's Rocket Fuel'.

What were the best though ? Will has found one of my favourites already, but in amongst all the breweries who have a beer called 'Red Nosed Reinbeer' I came across my favourite, an offering from Storm brewery called 'It Looks Like Rein Dear'. Just goes to show how easily pleased I am !!!

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