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17-12-2010, 14:30
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http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_eQjR-WeaVPY/TQuBp8QyDdI/AAAAAAAAAjY/SzsliI7WiIw/s320/209088199.jpgSome days I am a fool to myself. A desire to try new things can on occasion open your world up to new pleasures and delights. It can also thrust you headlong into the very pit of hell. A new brand of lager? Usually safe and usually lovely. A weird pint of pong? Why not but know it’s a gamble and you might shortly be grimacing.

I have long wondered what pickled eggs taste like, but never had the courage to try one. They only really appear in old man’s pubs and the hygiene standards of such establishments are often an indication that eating anything is playing Russian roulette with your health. I saw these and knew I had to try a pickled egg once in my life. I like eggs. Fried, boiled, scrambled. Very nice. I like dipping soldiers (toasted bread cut into strips) into a soft boiled egg. I’m usually not one for pickles though. I can handle red cabbage, branston pickle & sauerkraut but onions, beetroot and gherkins, nooo thank you.


So it was always a bit of a gamble to buy a jar with 6 pickled eggs in. They go very well with beer I’ve heard so sat in front on the box, Carlsberg Export in hand I said “Fancy a pickled egg?” to the lovely lady squeeze light of my life. The look she gave me was one of perplexed confusion so I repeated the question. “Pickled egg? Why would I want a pickled egg?” was the eventual reply which I took to mean a “no” so I was on my own in the pickled egg adventure.
What are they like then? Well they are like pickled eggs I suppose. Vinegary eggs. Like a nastier version of boiled eggs. Like someone thought “How can I take a nice boiled egg and make it nasty, I know, vinegar” They really are quite rank. The first bite of vinegary egg wasn’t that bad. It was as if my mind was trying to decide whether it liked it or not. The second, my mind had been made up. Ewww, not good.

It ought not to be a surprise that an old man’s pub bar snack is horrible. Let’s face it; old man’s pubs are horrible too. It’s not a surprise that people in old man’s pubs would like this sort of thing. If you like pongy vinegary old man real ale, you are probably going to go for a pongy vinegary boiled egg.


God knows what I’m going to do with the other 5 in the jar. Suggestions welcome.

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