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03-12-2010, 10:58
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http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_y4tH-im3Mq8/TPIwwa6j5cI/AAAAAAAABV8/bPlg8tQ_QRU/s200/the_hop_posters_40%2525.jpg (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_y4tH-im3Mq8/TPIwwa6j5cI/AAAAAAAABV8/bPlg8tQ_QRU/s1600/the_hop_posters_40%2525.jpg)
The Hop (http://www.thehopleeds.co.uk/), Ossett's Brewery's Leeds bar, is hosting a beer festival next weekend, if you fancy some warming up during this cold snap. The beer list should be available from tomorrow, and entry is free, with live music on very night. Also worth pointing out is that Ilkley Beer Festival's (http://www.ilkleybeerfestival.org.uk/)tickets go on sale next weekend too - so get yourself into the usual MTT branches around Yorkshire to pick up tickets - and have a pint at the same time, of course. The festival itself takes place in February, but it is a popular event and I would strongly recommend picking up tickets sooner rather than later. You can hop over to their site on the above link for the beer list and further details.

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